Turning Wood Into Music

Fine handcrafted guitars and musical instruments by:

Rick Lee

Hi, welcome to my website.  I am a Luthier (musical instrument builder: Pronunciation: lu-th-r, French, from lute, one who makes stringed musical instruments).  I currently build acoustic and electric guitars in various sizes and shapes, ukuleles, electric basses, and other musical instruments.  I use a varity of exotic woods.

I also build handmade, hand painted electronic boutique Effects Devices for electric guitar players, “Art You Can Step On”, these includes fuzz boxes, graphic equilizers, distortion devices and much much more.  (I do all my own wiring of the effects, then I paint the boxes with exotic swirl designs, and mount the effects in the boxes.)

Contact me for more information about my instruments and my effects devices at rlee0002@verizon.net or 941-750-8203.

To learn more about “Time is Money” and to see pictures of me building it, click on this link:


Please continue to investigate my website, and contact me if you have any questions.  Thank you for visiting.    Rick


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