Time is Money

These first pictures show the construction of a double cut-away electric guitar named “Time is Money”.  This guitar has watch parts and paper money and coins from around the world covering the face.  The top is then encased in a clear top coating.  The body is Redwood.  The neck is Maple with a Rosewood fretboard.

These first few shots show the Redwood body and me gluing the paper money, coins and watch parts to the face.

The completed, but unadorned body.

The paper money is being attached to the face with a 2-part epoxy.

More of the bills being attached, along with the coins and watch parts.

There are several recessed holes in the face.  They contain coins and watch parts.

The pouring on of the clear top coat. It required three seperate pours.

Adding the hardware and electronics. This guitar has one single coil and one humbucking pickup.

The back electronics

Cutting the Nut

The back cover plate. I used a 100 Afghanis bill and a sliver of a U.S. $1 bill.

The watch parts come from a variety of wrist watches, mostly adult and at least 1 kids watch. The paper money cames from Thailand, India, Afganistan, Rumania, Iran, Bolivia, Yugoslavia, and a 20 Kwacha note from Zambia.  The coins are from Denmark, Russia, Germany, and England.  The ones with the square holes are from China


Me with “Time is Money” at exhibition installment at the member’s exhibit titled “Ephemera” at The Art Center, St. Petersburg, Florida, Summer 2006.  The instrument was on display at The Art Center for a month that summer.

“Time is Money” is currently being offered for sale for $1500.00.  For more information (to see it, play it), contact me at 941-750-8203 or rlee0002@verizon.net or my wife Christina at creationsbychristina1@verizon.net.